Brooklyn Heights Facts & Figures

Brooklyn Heights is a family-friendly community in a neighborhood of (mostly) low-rise buildings, trees, playgrounds, churches, synagogues, mosques and restaurants. We have one main shopping street — Montague Street — though you can find interesting stores tucked away on our other quiet streets. The neighborhood extends south from Old Fulton Street to Atlantic Avenue, and west from Cadman Plaza/Court Street to the Promenade & the East River, encompassing the Brooklyn Heights Historic District (New York's first!) and the blocks surrounding it.

POPULATION: As of the 2000 census, 22,493 people live in Brooklyn Heights, up 11.5% since 1990. Of that population, 77% is white, 7% African American, 5% Asian American, 7.5% Latino and the remainder, multi-racial. Brooklyn Heights per capita income is $60,973, which is up 14.5% from 1990. But about 14% of our neighbors live in poverty.

HOUSING: Of the 12,042 housing units in the Heights, 57% are renter-occupied, 40% owner-occupied and 3% vacant.

LENGTH OF TIME LIVING HERE: Only about 49% of residents have lived in their current home for five or more years. Some moved from elsewhere in the Heights or Brooklyn, but it appears that nearly 40% are new to the borough.

CARS: About 33% of Heights households own at least one car. That’s over 3,800 cars, not counting workers, commuters, shoppers and two-car families. The percentage is slightly higher than Manhattan’s, but lower than the citywide or Brooklyn norms.


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