Meet the Board

The BHA Board is made up of local residents with a record of strong commitment to the community. Many of our governers have professional skills that contribute significantly to our activities. These include zoning lawyers, architects, preservationists, public advocates and people experienced in city administration. But there are also full-time mothers, retired writers and many battle-scarred "brownstone warriors," to use the name given to us by the NY Times.


Patrick Killackey, President
Martha Bakos Dietz, First Vice President
Daniel Watts, Vice President
Erika Belsey Worth, Vice President
Carolyn Ziegler, Vice President
Kevin Reilly, Treasurer
Donald Brennan, Secretary

2016 Board of Directors

Kerith Aronow
Christian Bastian
Lorraine Bonaventura
Donald Brennan
Martha Bakos Dietz
Jen Donaker
Bruce L. Gregory
Patrick Killackey
Anne Landman
Christopher Neville
Kevin Reilly
Steve Rothman
Sara Sarakanti
Lisa Smith Dince
Daniel Watts
Erika Belsey Worth
Christopher Wright
Inger Yancey
Carolyn L. Ziegler

Peter L. Bray, Executive Director
Lillian Meredith, Executive Assistant
Irene Janner, Bookkeeper