BHA Mission Statement

The mission of the BHA is to engage the Brooklyn Heights community in maintaining and improving the quality of life in our neighborhood. We strive to preserve the physical fabric of the neighborhood, and to inform, assist, and advocate for residents and businesses on matters affecting the community.

Speaking Out : The BHA is the organized voice of the Heights. We plant the trees, protect the views, preserve the brownstones and safeguard the streets. And we organize the community's response when there is a threat. Whether you rent a studio or own a brownstone, we work to protect your stake in the neighborhood. That's why membership in the BHA is so important. The more members we have, the more clout we carry when we work with City and State agencies about issues that concern the neighborhood. Your support helps make our voice – your voice – heard.

Protecting Our Neighborhood: Thanks to the BHA's efforts, the Heights became the City's first Historic District. Now, major development at our boundaries threatens to wall us in and increase traffic through our narrow streets. The BHA is pushing to limit building heights on our perimeter and to keep out increased traffic.

Building Brooklyn Bridge Park: The BHA was the driving force behind the magnificent park now being developed on our waterfront. Without us, that unique site might have become luxury housing, forever closed to the public. By joining the Association, you'll uphold our vision of the park as a green, open space.

Calming the Traffic: The BHA is your link with the NYC Transportation Department. We're always on the lookout for fresh traffic-calming ideas, and continue to advocate for resident permit parking so those who live here get first crack at street parking.

Helping Our Members: When a truck hits a tree, when someone knocks over a street sign, when a movie crew causes problems, members call the BHA. We provide good solutions to the small, everyday problems as well as the big ones.

Greening the Neighborhood: Could you imagine Brooklyn Heights without its trees? Your membership dollars help pay for a private service to supplement the City's stretched budget. (we're always looking for budding arborist volunteers to help out!)

Building a Family Community: We're helping to make PS 8 the kind of school that keeps families in the neighborhood. Its been a great success story, and your kids will be the winners.

Keeping You Informed: We alert our members to any threat to our community while there's still time to act. We'll tell you when and where to send letters, e-mails, faxes so they have the greatest impact. Your voice will be heard. 

The BHA succeeds because of its commitment, its energy and, most of all, its members. Join us today!