To an outsider, New York can feel overwhelming. But in our small neighborhood, tucked away in a corner of New York City, it’s impossible to walk down the street without meeting a neighbor, spotting a change in the streetscape, or wondering about something. Perhaps you’re enjoying the leafy shade of the trees. You might have just noticed a hidden garden, or an architectural detail on a hundred-year-old house. Those are some of the things that make the neighborhood such a great place to live. But Brooklyn Heights is about more than the buildings: it’s the people that make it a community.

To me, the Brooklyn Heights Association is part of the glue that turns us from a neighborhood into a community. Brooklyn Heights is an amazing place – we are writers and artists, architects, lawyers and doctors, bankers, software engineers, journalists, musicians, actors, librarians, schoolteachers. Some of us own our homes, others rent. We are gay, straight, LBTQ. We are black, white, Christian, Jewish, Muslim. Some of us are retired; others are bringing up our children here. We have in common this lovely neighborhood we all care deeply about. 

And we care most when something that bothers us comes up. When we work together on the issues that we face – traffic, trees, rats, schools, libraries, hospitals, parks, to name just a few - we can accomplish more. The Brooklyn Heights Association gives residents a larger voice than any of us has alone. I hope you will join me as a member of the Brooklyn Heights Association. Come to one of our events, volunteer at another, join one of our committees: I guarantee you will meet interesting people and make a difference to your – our – community.

Alexandra Bowie
Brooklyn Heights Association

*** For more about the BHA and Ms. Bowie, we invite you to read about us in the Brooklyn Eagle here:  http://brooklyneagle.com/articles/qa-alexandra-bowie-new-president-brooklyn-heights-association-2013-04-11-194900