Community Alerts


We are pleased to report, albeit with cautious optimism, that the NYC Film Office has granted the BHA’s request for a break from the excessive film shoots that had a lot of Brooklyn Heights residents complaining during the past several months. Our caution relates to the fact that at this time only a portion of the Heights was to be designated off limits.

We asked the Film Office to designate all of Brooklyn Heights as a “Hot Zone”. During the past two months, neighbors living in the north Heights were the most vocal about the inconveniences from seemingly non-stop restrictions on parking under threat of towing, idling truck fumes, porto-potties and uncollected garbage. There were too many TV shows and commercials to be listed here, plus the arrival of “The Cobbler”, a feature film that camped inside Plymouth Church, with production trucks idling day and night under residents windows.

In a recent email sent to Councilman Steve Levin’s office, the Film Office wrote: “We just designated a chunk of the Heights as off limits: Clark Street to Cranberry Street between Columbia Heights and Henry Street…for a few months.” They added a caveat. “A couple of shoots will have to be grandfathered in as they have already gone to contract but as December winds down after the New Year it should be extremely quiet in that area.”

So far so good, dare we say it, so we hope that all quarters of Brooklyn Heights will benefit from this quiet break from filming. And we thank City Councilman Steve Levin who supported the BHA’s  request to designate the Heights as a “Hot Spot”.